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Apparel and fashion stocks wholesale
Lithuanian - French joint stock company has grown from its inception in 1993 to one of the largest European fashion stocks wholesalers.

European wholesalers

Lithuanian-French joint stock company “SOFRALITA” has grown from its inception in 1993 to one of the largest European fashion stocks wholesalers, with over 70 employees in its main facilities of over 20.000 m2 in Kaunas city, Lithuania.

Leader in europe

Extensive knowledge of the brands, reasonable prices, flexibility and quick reaction to rapidly changing market demands, always a great selection of stock items categories available, reliability and commitment to excellence has helped the company to become a leader in the sector today.

Friendly business

Our ability to process large volume stocks, variety of brands and items categories, attractive prices, quick orders fulfillment, stability and respect of contracted distribution terms has built many close and friendly business relationships with our suppliers and customers worldwide, and earned the company a reputation as one of the best wholesalers in EU for distributing fashion stocks.

We Dealing

We currently deal with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, Africa, Canada and USA.

Sales department

Clothes, shoes and accessories, assorted by brand, gender, age, season, style, sizes etc. - best options for wholesalers and retailers from different markets will be offered and advised by our proficient team of salesmen, who speak English, Russian and Polish languages.
The best way to become our customer is to visit our warehouse, to inspect the goods and discuss all aspects of goods’ supply, including package, logistics and customs formalities details. Nevertheless, we have many customers who got excellent service and started our cooperation just with a phone call.
We ship from 1 pallet to full truck-container-wagonloads.

Buying department

SOFRALITA’s experienced team of buyers’ deals directly with major European brand owners or their authorized stock clearance departments, thus providing our grading and sales departments with authentic, pre-inspected, latest and fashionable collections from Italy, Spain, France, UK, Denmark, Germany and other fashion leaders’ countries.
The majority of our assortment makes well-known and popular brand names, however, SOFRALITA’s buying team is also looking for some exclusive, quality stocks of not so common brand names. Introduction of this kind of stocks to the new markets is always a challenge, but we love to present our customers interesting and fashionable merchandise.

Grading department

People are our most important asset.
The majority of our employees have been working in our company’s grading department for more than 10 years. Their experience guaranties stable quality and perfect composition of assorted stock garments.